Our Process

We build personal relationships with our consultants, and hand-pick the best candidates for each assignment. Here's how we work with our consultants.

1. Clarify your skills and work experience

We review your initial application and resume and ask key questions. Our questions are based on twelve years of identifying factors that predict success. This allows us to do a better job of selecting the best candidate for the project and client.

2. Verify work history, education and background

We perform background checks and verify our consultant's work experience and education histories.

3. Identify candidates

When we receive a project, we conduct a database search for likely candidates. But an impersonal search doesn't always "see" the best candidate. That's why we build personal relationships with our consultants.

4. Discuss suitable opportunities

We contact you when we've found a project we believe is a good fit. We'll provide detailed information about the assignment, including location, requirements, duration, objectives, responsibilities, deliverables, and client culture and compensation.

5. Present candidates

If you're interested, we'll prepare a summary of your qualifications and present it to the client, along with other potential candidates. Most clients want to interview candidates in person. If so, we'll arrange the meeting and follow up with you.

6. Manage the engagement

If you're selected for the project, we'll notify you immediately with a formal offer. We'll handle all the paperwork so you can concentrate on doing your work. We'll stay in contact with both you and the client to ensure expectations and milestones are met. If you encounter problems, just give us a call.

"You prepped me well. My first day on the job, I could talk about the challenges they were facing, who their customers and competitors were, and how my project fit into the mix. I think they were pretty impressed."

Richard F.
Business Analyst