High-quality consultants are the backbone of our success, and we never forget it. As former consultants ourselves, we understand whatís important to you, and we bend over backward to keep you busy, happy, and well-rewarded.

What to Expect

As an FCG candidate, youíll receive:

  • A thorough assessment of skills, experience, work style and preferences.
  • Inclusion (if accepted) in our database of high-quality professionals, including some of the top names among your peers.
  • Consideration for placement in limited engagements where your specific skills are needed and your contribution is valued.
  • Very attractive compensation, including benefits.

Our standards are high because our clients demand pros who can get the job doneópeople who hit the ground running and deliver on-time with minimal supervision.

If you think youíve got what it takes, join us and reap the rewards. Register and submit your resumé online.

"You know what itís like out there, and you treat us with respect and courtesy. You canít imagine what a difference it makes! It inspires me to do my absolute best for you and your clients."

Kathryn S.
Executive Communications