Our Process

1. Clarify the work and skills needed

We help you define the scope of your project and the skills and experience required. The questions also give us a sense of “intangibles” like your corporate culture, so we can choose the most compatible consultants.

2. Define goals, deliverables, timing and budget

We help solidify your objectives and measures of success. We’ve helped many clients reduce costs by advising them when objectives can be met using a consultant with fewer years of experience or lower-level skills than they’ve specified. Our fees are competitive, and we can tailor our services to your budget.

3. Select candidates

We hand-select top consultants from our group using sophisticated search criteria and assessing over a dozen “human factors” proven critical to success.

4. Manage the engagement

We stay on top of the project from Day 1 through completion, ensuring you get the deliverables and performance you were promised. Our managers are also consultants who understand your goals and proactively course-correct, as needed.

5. Transition and confirm satisfaction

We ensure a smooth transfer of technology and information and confirm all deliverables meet the predefined measures of success. Only then do we consider our work finished.

"Jack exceeded our expectations in every way. His output and attitude were exceptional! We look forward to working with you—and him—again."

Anna M.
Director, Sales
Medium-Sized Business