Q. What types of projects do you handle?

A. A typical project may require one or more consultants with mid- to high-level expertise in areas such as analytics, marketing, operations improvement, strategic planning, systems design or program management.

Q. What geographical regions do you serve?

A. Our clients are nationwide. We have consultants located throughout the US, but if your goals can be met by a team member working offsite, you can benefit from our rich supply of highly skilled professionals from around the country without incurring additional travel costs.

Q. Are there restrictions on a project’s duration or hours?

A. There are no restrictions. We've handled engagements as short as one week and as long as two-and-half years. A typical assignment lasts from two months to a year.

Q. How fast can we get started?

A. Once you’ve registered, we can establish the project parameters and begin the project definition and scope. Depending on your requirements, we could assemble a team within a week.

Q. How do I know the candidates are qualified?

A. We work only with highly skilled, experienced professionals, including many acclaimed experts in their respective fields. Our consultants are fully versed in the latest industry trends, tools, terms and technologies. Read more about our process.

"I've never worked with a firm this professional and organized. It made me confident that anyone you found for me would be equally competent, and I was not disappointed."

Jonathan G.
Fortune 500